BREAKING NEWS: Sex Education to be made compulsory in all schools in England

We’re rejoicing in the Naked Truth offices today as the government has announced that Sex and Relationships education is to be made compulsory in all schools in England!

Up until now, sex and relationships education (SRE) has only been mandatory in council-run schools but the announcement now means that academies and free schools will also be bound by the same obligation to follow the national curriculum for SRE.

In a written statement, Education Secretary Justine Greening said,

“The statutory guidance for SRE was introduced in 2000 and is becoming increasingly outdated.

“It fails to address risks to children that have grown in prevalence over the last 17 years, including cyberbullying, ‘sexting’ and staying safe online.


The specifics of the curriculum and what schools will be required to cover is yet to be revealed and schools will still have flexibility on how they deliver the subject. Faith schools will also still be able to teach in line with their faith.

Now, all children from the age of 4 will be taught about safe and healthy relationships and the government has specified that lessons must be age-appropriate.

The Right Reverend Stephen Conway, the Church of England’s lead bishop on education, said he supported age-appropriate SRE.

“In an age when even primary school children are becoming exposed to online pornography – often by accident – and when practices such as sexting are becoming commonplace at a younger and younger age, we cannot simply advocate an approach like the three monkeys covering their eyes, ears and mouths, vowing to see, hear or speak no evil.

“If we want children to build resilience it is important to start young, teaching them about strong and healthy relationships.”

Whilst we wait for further details, we’re excited at all that we already have to offer schools in our Naked Truth schools programme. Our lessons cover the impact of pornography on the brain, relationships and society as well as lessons around social media, sexting, online safety, gender differences, human trafficking and other related topics.

We are also in the process of developing our primary schools material to ensure that children are receiving age-appropriate education as many have already seen explicit content by the time they leave primary school.


Naked Truth aims to give young people the opportunity to discuss and make informed decisions around the issue of pornography. Often when we go into schools, young people don’t even realise that there are potential risks attached to viewing pornography. Our lessons aim to challenge young people and encourage them to make good decisions about their future and relationships.

As this conversation grows, we would love to be able to offer our lessons to more schools around the UK. If you are connected to a school in Greater Manchester (or anywhere around the UK) please get in touch so we can give you more information.

Download our schools pack here:

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  1. Leanne coates March 1, 2017 at 3:48 pm - Reply


    My husband is lead pastor of our church in a deprived urban area, and is also governor of the local primary school (which is also attended by our two boys). We are in Dover, Kent, which I realise is a long way from Manchester, but would you consider a visit? I did live in Manchester for a a while, and can tell you that the train journey is not overly arduous! I am of course just putting the feelers out, as I’m not a representative of the school myself, but obviously my husband has quite an influence.
    We love the work you’re doing to educate and inform about pornography, and it’d be great to have a Christian charity delivering some of the new SRE curriculum in our school.

    Many thanks

    • Bethany MacDonald March 1, 2017 at 3:51 pm - Reply

      Hi Leanne, thanks for getting in touch! Feel free to send our youth & schools worker Bethany an email about this!

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