Is porn a health risk?

Earlier this week Utah's political body declared that pornography was a health risk in their state and needs to be tackled and dealt with for the good of their families. They noted that it was a particular amongst young people in the state. It's interesting that more and more organisations, politics and experts are recognising [...]

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Government asks for our help to clamp down on porn sites

Earlier this week, Bethany, our youth & schools development worker, spoke to Radio 5 Live about the recent news that the government have put forward a proposal to introduce age verification on UK-based pornography websites. The government wants to hear your views; we have an opportunity to help shape better regulation around pornography. In summary, the [...]

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3 years in prison & £25,000 fine for sexting

It seems that every week there are news stories around the issue of pornography and over the past few months, there has been a spate of stories on legal debates and scandals surrounding the issue of ‘sexting’ (sexually explicit photographs or messages sent to another person via texting). Take the story of William Willock, vice-principal [...]

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