3 key ways we should respond to the Government’s Relationship Education Consultation 

  On 19 December 2017, the Government issued a consultation on changes needed in the teaching of Sex and Relationship Education as well as PSHE. We are already equipped and excited to help schools and parents respond to this call.  This important and long overdue  consultation calls for Parents, Carers, Educators and Community Organisations to [...]

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Naked Truth Project has a new team member!

We're excited to announce that Cat Etherington will be joining our Naked Truth Project team as Head of Partner and Spouse Development! Cat is one of only two women in the UK trained to work with partners of porn and sex addicts by the Association of Partners Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists and has worked with women from all over the [...]

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Does porn cause sexism in men?

A study at the University of Nebraska says that the age at which a male first sees pornography is associated with certain sexist attitudes later in life. Their survey revealed the younger the first viewing occurred, the more likely a male was to want power over women. While if they were older, they were more likely [...]

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A year of XXXposed Hearts

We are SO excited to celebrate XXXposed Heart's one year anniversary & announce our campaign to employ a member of staff dedicated to our partner work! As we approach the 1st birthday of our partners of porn addicts support group, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the previous year, as is often [...]

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Vagina surgery in young girls linked to porn

A leading adolescent gynaecologist, Dr N. Crouch, has said that girls as young as nine are seeking genital surgery because they are distressed by its appearance. In 2015-16, more than 200 girls under 18 had labiaplasty on the NHS. More than 150 of the girls were under 15. But... Why? What are these young girls [...]

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This woman’s story smashes so many taboo subjects…

Mental health, sexual abuse, same-sex attraction, singleness, pornography & masturbation. All subjects which people feel nervous to talk about, even though many of us struggle. Listen to Esther Bonsu's interview as she discusses all of this and more. Esther's journey of struggling with pornography started at the tender age of 6 after being abused and [...]

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Katie Price is WRONG about porn

Catherine Etherington offers a response to the exchange between Katie Price & a psychotherapist on daytime TV.  I was recently sent a clip by a colleague from a very popular and well known daytime TV show which had a discussion on sex addiction. Involved in the discussion were psychotherapist Lucy Beresford and glamour girl Katie [...]

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Do YOU love the fresh outdoors? Do YOU love a new challenge? Do YOU need a great reason to get outside and get active? Do YOU love an excuse to buy a new pair of trainers? Are YOU passionate about the vision and mission of the Naked Truth Project? Would YOU love to play a part in helping us reach more individuals, families, churches and young people [...]

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“Our sex therapist blamed me for my husbands porn use..”

Sometimes when we talk about the issue of pornography, we can forget that real lives and real individuals are directly impacted. This is why we think it's so important to share real-life stories and testimonies of people that we meet. Not only is it important to give these people a voice but it gives us [...]

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Should Facebook really take indecent images down?!

It would have been hard to miss the news over the past week; BBC journalists decided to test Facebook's reporting system by reporting a number of sexually explicit images, mainly of minors, alongside a number of secret Facebook groups used by paedophiles to share images and videos. Facebook failed to take down more than 80% of these [...]

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