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This year Naked Truth started XXXposed hearts, a secret facebook group for the partners of compulsive porn users. Many people feel completely isolated as they experience the trauma of discovering their partners porn use and the emotional battle of betrayal, self doubt, blame, shame and uncertainty. In the past few months it has been beautiful to see the XXXposed hearts group blossom into a genuine community of empathy, safety, support and friendship.
Here are some comments group members have posted:

“Thank you for creating such a safe place for us to share! You have no idea how much this means to us (you actually do because you have been in the same situations)” 

“Finding you guys means waking up today was less lonely.”

“Joining this group and sharing with you all has given me so much power and confidence back. Knowing I am not alone has been so healing for me even though it saddens me that so many are here.”

“Love the fact that others in this group have experienced the same as me, and some are further along that path. Two years ago I thought I was the only person who was experiencing this pain.”

“I love the togetherness of this place. That we can share all the feelings and emotions,all the ups and downs,good days and bad days. All the knowledge and experience here is so valuable. It is priceless to be able to see things from someone else’s perspective and it is priceless to be part of all the stories. It helps to get clearer picture of the situation. I feel really safe here. I found a new confidence in me as a woman and a person. The knowledge opened my eyes.”

“This group has been my lifesaver.”

We daily hear comments like these coming from damaged and hurting partners and so, more than ever, we are convinced of the need for accessible support for the ‘widows and widowers’ of compulsive porn use. We believe it is essential that Naked Truth takes the resources and help we offer partners to the next level, which can only happen if we increase the capacity of our team. This autumn we intend to appoint a new part time member of staff, 100% focused on developing and delivering the practical and in depth help partners are asking for.
We will:
  • Develop and facilitate online support groups (much like our Click to Kick groups) offering practical steps to dealing with betrayal trauma and other issues partners face. The course will be adapted from Paula Hall’s professional therapeutic materials and facilitated by our trained team. We want these online groups to be affordable and accessible to any partner. There will be no fixed cost for joining a group but group members will be asked to make a donation based on what they can afford.

  • Offer affordable online one to one coaching sessions facilitated by a qualified coach.

  • Write and publish books and resources written specifically for partners of compulsive porn users. Some resources will have a focus on the Christian faith (e.g. biblical workbooks & studies) other resources will be written for those of none faith or any faith.

  • Provide training and resoursces for churches and others wanting to walk alongside couples impacted by porn use.

  • Devise awareness and education campaigns around the issue of porn’s impact on partners.

Accessible and affordable support of this kind is practically non existent in the UK.
We want to change that, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We have found the person who has the professional training, personal experience and passion we are looking for to drive our partners work forward. However we need your help to secure the final funding for this role and additional resources.


Could that be you? Can you help? Perhaps you have personally known or have seen the devastation that compulsive porn use can have on relationships and families. We are asking you to give at least £20 a month to bring practical hope and help to any partner who needs it. Please decide today to join our “partner campaign” and set up a monthly direct debit. 


1 ) Using a laptop or desktop computer, you need to head over to our JustGiving page and set a monthly direct debit. It takes about 5mins and all you need to know is your account number and sort code (which are normally written on your debit card). You can’t set up monthly donations on a phone or tablet. Naked Truth is part of a charity called Visible, so the JustGiving page and bank will reference your gift as going to “Visible Ministries.”

Set up a direct debit with JustGiving

2) It can take a few weeks for JustGiving to process your donation. Before you set up your gift, please take 30 seconds to complete the pledge form below so we know what donations we can expect. Also use this form if you would prefer for us to contact you by phone to set up a donation directly.