Whole Hearted is a unique programme, offering access to multiple support, education and healing resources for spouse and partners. All in one place and available in formats to suit you and your lifestyle! This programme is not an ‘add-on’ to your partner’s recovery, it’s all for you because you matter! We understand the pain and trauma created by sexual betrayal, whether that’s pornography use or other behaviours, and we don’t want you to have to go through this alone. ALL our services offer a LIVE component – you get to interact with an expert, specially trained to understand the dynamics of sexual betrayal.

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I am so pleased to recommend Catherine and this new Whole Hearted Partner Program to anyone who is searching for support, solid information, and a source of hope for the future following this most intimate of betrayals. As a trained and experienced coach, Catherine is stellar and effective.

Barbara Steffens, Founder and President of the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS)

Over the years I have been contacted by several UK wives of porn/sex addicts, and women facing discovery of a husband’s betrayal. Almost universally they say they are struggling with isolation, shame, trauma symptoms and a desperate need for support in their own country. Catherine Etherington’s name is always the first I mention. Her work with partners is world class. Her in-depth knowledge of partner trauma and healing comes from personal experience, best-of-field training and years of supporting other women on their journey. 

Lisa Taylor , author of Beyond Betrayal: How God is Healing Women (and couples) from Infidelity

Catherine is uniquely equipped and prepared for her role with the Whole Hearted Partner Program. She is recognized internationally by colleagues and clients for her skills as partner coach. Her commitment to excellence and her training combined with her Christian faith and personal experience as a spouse is a tremendous gift to the Whole Hearted Partner Programme, and the women who connect with their services

Donna Meredith Dixon, Partner Coach/Founder of A Door of Hope Peer Facilitator

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