‘XXXposed Hearts’- a new network for wives & partners

Exciting Naked Truth update!

At Naked Truth, we have seen firsthand how porn impacts the lives of individual users which is why we set up our recovery programme, Click to Kick, last year. Since then, we have seen around 60 men go through the programme and, beyond that, continue to support one another in their recovery!

For these men, Click to Kick has served as the huge first step in their recovery and has given them tools to deal with future battles. But what about the wives and partners of some of these men? We know that porn doesn’t just affect the mind of a porn addict but their porn use directly impacts those around them – how does it feel to find out your husband has been lying about his porn use for 8 years? Or to discover that he’s been using online chat rooms since before you got together? Or realise that the only way he’s able to have sex is if he is imagining other women? What does it feel like to be betrayed?

On asking this last question to a room full of beautiful, courageous women, each married to a man addicted to porn and/or sex, they responded…

“It feels like abuse – like bruises on the inside that no-one can see”

“It’s like the ground you stand on being ripped out from under your feet…everything falls apart”

“You’re in a nightmare that you can’t wake up from. Full of insecurities, questions, lies, uncertainty, disbelief, death of everything you thought you knew”

In short, being married to a man who has been hiding a secret is heartbreaking in a way that many women have never experienced before. Beyond the initial heartbreak of discovery, many women continue to support their partners tirelessly through and beyond recovery by keeping track of appointments, meetings and ensuring the needs of her recovering husband are met. We believe that these women are wonderfully brave, strong and courageous but often, they, and others, don’t recognize that they need to be supported themselves.

Naked Truth are excited to announce the launch of ‘XXXposed Hearts’, a private support network for wives and partners of men with a porn/sex addiction.

XXXposed hearts is a confidential and safe place for UK women experiencing betrayal in their marriage through issues such as pornography, ‘in-person’ betrayal, sexting or web-chat. This group is not a recovery programme or a therapy session but is a place for women to share advice and resources, ask questions and support one another.

Due to privacy reasons, the group will not appear on a search engine; you need to be added so that only the members of the group will know you’re part of it. If you would like to join our group or know somebody that would, then please visit our Facebook page, send us a message and you will be added to the private group. We would love to support you as you journey alongside your partner.


(It’s worth us reiterating that we know that porn addiction is not exclusive to men. You can buy ‘Dangerous Honesty’ here from Naked Truth Resources or watch Bethany’s story here to hear more about the struggles of some women. We are planning on launching a women’s Click to Kick group soon!)

If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, contact Bethany MacDonald for more information:

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